The “Mobile Web” Craze

Everywhere you look, you hear about the “Mobile Web” craze. Bloggers have been in a frenzy for the past few years telling people:

  • “You must have a mobile version of your website!”
  • “You must have an Android and iPhone App!”

Following this advice can be quite a money sucker for business owners who don’t know how to create a mobile site or design an app.

This advice is bunk anyway. Chances are, your business will not benefit by spending additional money on being “mobile friendly”. The web browser on most mobile devices these days can render any page the same way your desktop or laptop can. Your regular, non-flashy website will display on these devices just fine (as long as you don’t use too much Flash).

Making a mobile version of a website was once required to accommodate users of smaller devices that couldn’t render a full version of a website. It was also needed to save bandwidth in an era when wireless providers were charging 40 cents per kilobyte to access the Internet. Those days are long gone.

Stick with your basic website. It’ll work just fine. Don’t waste time or resources on a mobile business plan just because Sally at SEOforyourbusinessnow told you to.

Published by Mitch Bartlett

I've been doing things on the Internet since 1994. Former dot-com era IT guy. Currently I provide technical solutions to people for fun and test software for a growing software company.

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