SEO Isn’t Only About the Keywords You Use

People spend a lot of time trying to figure out different combinations of keywords to use in their posts. There’s so much focus on using certain keywords that sometimes writers don’t pay attention to the keywords that shouldn’t be included in their posts.

I recently wrote a post about how to make it through a Nintendo DS video game called Diabolical Box. I was aiming to make the post turn up in search engines when they search for tips about this game. Instead, I was turning up in searches with keyword combinations that included the word “tap”. This was because I used the word “tap” (on Nintendo DS, every motion is done with the tap of the pen on the screen) several hundred times in my post. Because of this, Google came to the conclusion that my post was about tapping something apparently.

So in this post, it would’ve been a good idea to mix the words “touch”, “choose” or “select” throughout my post instead of “tap” or “tap screen” 100% of the time.

Google is smart, but it’s still really just a computer that is trying to judge what your page is about based on keywords. Keep the repetitive junk out of your posts and reap SEO rewards.

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