Exercise Through Doing Chores

I recently had to admit to myself that I haven’t been as active as I once was. Playing baseball really kept me in shape and when I stopped playing, I started gaining a bit of weight. I had a gym membership but I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. The idea of paying $20 a … Read more

Image Content and SEO

We all know that detailed ALT tags in your images can help SEO on your web pages, but what about the actual image? For example, let’s say that I wrote a page about “Sioux Falls”. ALT tags and image names aside, would an image of Falls Park help my SEO? I believe it would. Google … Read more

To Date or Not To Date Your Posts

Years ago, I removed all timestamps from my posts. This was because people are biased when it comes to reading a post that is old. Google indexes date information on your page too, which can cause people not to even click through to your site. Though I couldn’t tell how much of an impact this … Read more

Web Site Advice For Local Business Owners

Lately, I’ve been frustrated with the lack of presence some local businesses have on the Internet. The sites often have scant information and are rarely updated. It’s important as a business owner to not overlook the value of a good website. Here are some tips to follow. Have your hours posted This is the most common frustration. … Read more

Tweeting For Your Business

I’m not really big on people telling me what to do with my Twitter account, but when it comes to tweeting for your business, it’s a whole different animal. They say you’re supposed to engage 80% of the time and advertise 20% of the time on Twitter. I would agree with that, but many businesses … Read more