Mystery Pains Solved

If any of you are close with me, you might know that I had been suffering from pains in random parts all over my upper body off and on for about a year now. I would wake up with pain near my kidneys on some mornings. The next week it would be my chest or perhaps my gallbladder. After a month of experiencing these problems, I went to see a doctor and had my levels checked. I was given an ultrasound also. Everything checked out OK, so the pains remained a mystery for a year and I have just lived with it.

The pain went away about 8 months ago, but then returned after 2 months with a vengeance. Every time I moved, I would hurt. The pains got so bad that I would spend hours sitting still so it wouldn’t hurt.¬†Finally, I decided that I needed to get serious about finding out what was causing these pains myself. I decided to make a chart of what I ate and drank each day, then I would chart the relationship to my pain and how bad it was each day. After about 2 weeks, a shocking pattern emerged. After days when I drank a Heritage Dr. Pepper or Pepsi Throwback (the version of these sodas made with real sugar), I would often feel pains the next day. My charting also revealed that the more of these drinks I consumed, the worse the pain was.

So how could this be? I have drank soda all my life. Also, why did the pains go away? Well, Hertiage Dr. Pepper and Pepsi Throwback were taken off the market for a a few months. It turns out, that was the same period that my pains went away. I reverted back to the kind made with HFCS and felt no pain at all. The pains returned at the same time these products returned to the shelves.

I’m not sure why my body is rejecting this product. I don’t feel that Pepsi Throwback and Heritage Dr. Pepper have anything in them that generally make people sick, I just think I have an intolerance pure, real sugar. Maybe my body is just messed up from consuming HFCS all these years that it can no longer tolerate real sugar. I intend to visit a doctor soon and maybe he can shed some light on the problem. For the time being though, I’m going to steer clear of soda altogether and stick to coffee and tea.

There’s no way a doctor could’ve figured this out. I had to do it myself. Chart what you ingest and how bad the ailment is each day. These simple steps may help you solve almost any health problems.

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  1. Hey Mitch just read about your mystery pains. You were right to chart your progress. I believe you problem was that your body was addicted to the HFCS since it is 400 times sweeter than sugar and causes adverse reactions in the body. In changing back to a natural sugar your body went through what i believe is withdrawal when you cut out the artificial ingredients.

    As you know sugar is the cause of many diseases and the main source of fuel for fungus and yeast overgrowth which can lead to debilitating pain, fatigue, brain fog etc.

    Lay of the sugars and processed foods exercise and you will be alright in about 3 to 4 months.

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