I Miss Shopping at The Record Store

Yeah yeah, it’s another post that makes me sound old. But, I miss the way shopping for music was in the old days

Today, I decided to break out a few of my old CDs and rip them to my computer. While I was holding the original Foo Fighters album, I noticed a CD Warehouse sticker on the back of it. It made me remember that great feeling you’d get whenever shopping in a music store. I miss that feeling.

I remembered finding the artist I was looking for, then furiously looking between the albums for that one gem of a song I couldn’t live without.  By the end of the visit to the store, I would often have several CDs I couldn’t afford. So I’d be forced to decide which album I liked more.

I’d only get this feeling from actual music stores like Tower Records, MusicLand and Rolling Stone, not big box stores like Best Buy because the music stores would literally have everything by every artist. I would be overwhelmed with the selection and the purchasing decisions I had to make.

Finally, when I got home with the album, I’d listen to the entire thing. I’d discover several tunes I’d never heard before.

These feelings are lost when it comes to purchasing digital music. You simply type in that one song you like, and press Enter. Since it’s so easy to find that hit single, I don’t think people enjoy entire albums as much anymore.

Anyway… It’s an experience I miss dearly. I miss shopping at the record store. Sure there are a few record stores still left, but it just isn’t the same. The selection just isn’t like it used to be.

1 thought on “I Miss Shopping at The Record Store”

  1. Hey I agree with you man, but since everybody is too lazy to go out and buy a cd, I guess we have to put up with this B.S.

    Oh by the way I’m 21 I used to buy CD Singles as a kid and teen, we still have places where they sell records, but not a 100% record shop like tower records, so who cares if HMV has CD’s it’s just that wide of a range, and iTunes is not all that, it just has some digital only stuff sure it’s good but I hate this hi tech digital stuff you know?

    I guess it went down because of amazon.com I love it because I can find CD’s you can’t any other place, well… other than discogs.com


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