How to Report Phishing Scams to Google

This week I was contacted by a Nigerian scammer who was posing as a job recruiter. The phisher went by the name “Joseph Chavez” and used a the Google account with Hangouts and Gmail to attempt to scam me.

The scam worked like this. The scammer puts me through a fake job interview, then makes me an offer. They then try to get me to send money to him for supplies that I would need to perform my job.

I wondered how I would report this scam to Google. I performed a search, and it was quite difficult to find. But Google does have a page for submitting phishing attempts and scams that are performed while using a Google account.

Simply visit their “I would like to report a Gmail user who has sent messages that violate the Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use.” page and fill out the information.

In my case, the account was disabled in a few hours after I reported the issue. Unfortunately, these scammers have thousands of accounts they use for nefarious purposes. But reporting an account to Google whenever you spot something at least ties up the scammers’ time a bit. You could even save a person from being scammed if they are actively using the address to scam another individual by reporting it.

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