How to Get More Interested Followers On Twitter

Twitter is a fun site to say anything you like. It’s even more fun when you have a lot of loyal followers who interact with whatever you tweet. If you want more followers who genuinely dig what you’re tweeting, I’ve got some tips for you. If you came here not willing to put in work though, this is not the post for you. This is not some sure way to get 200,000 followers overnight. Going that route will only get you 200,000 zombie followers who won’t care what you have to say. Follow these tips instead.

Don’t try to be a brand

Nobody cares about your crappy brand you’re trying to create. Unless you’re already on the level of Pepsi and McDonalds, don’t try to make an account with your brand and try to tweet from it. People don’t want to follow a brand. They want to follow a person.

Create an interesting profile

Your profile info is the most important thing for influencing whether or not somebody wants to follow you. It’s the first thing a potential follower looks at. You’ve got them to look at your profile, now WOW them with a bio that truly describes your interests. People will want to follow somebody who has the same interests as them. Also be sure you have a nice photo. Try to steer clear of photos that look stock or generic. It will deter people as it seems fake or spammy.

Follow people with the same interests

Find people by searching Twitter using keywords from your bio. For example, I like classic video games, so I searched “classic gaming” and turned up a whole bunch of people who would interest me. Once I follow them, they will see that I have followed and potentially follow me back. Be sure not to abuse this method. Twitter frowns upon following too many people just to get people to follow you back. There’s no problem with genuinely following people who you genuinely want to connect with though.

Add a link to your profile wherever you can

You should have a link to your Twitter profile prominently displayed wherever you post content. Whether it be YouTube, your blog, or a comment on other websites. A person might just connect with what you have to say and want more. Be sure you make it easy for them to find your profile and click “Follow”.

Well, those are my tips. It’s not a very long list, but I assure you if you do these 3 things, you won’t be terrible at getting genuine followers who are interested in you.

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