Google Analytics Throws “Missing Permissions” Error

I sat here at my desk for about an hour trying to figure out why I kept getting an error whenever I tried to open my Google Analytics page. The error said:

Missing permissions

You do not have access to the account, property, or view. Contact an Analytics administrator who has the Manage Users permission.

Now, I’m the only one with access to this account. I am the admin, but still got this error.

After clearing my bookmarks and looking for solutions online, I finally realized that I had the problem ever since installing an adblock plugin.

U-block Origin had to be disabled while on the Analytics page. Once I disabled it, the page loaded right up.

So if you have any plugins that block ads and you’re having this problem, be sure to disable the plugin.


8 thoughts on “Google Analytics Throws “Missing Permissions” Error

    1. Any other extensions installed that might be causing it? Other adblockers? If not, it could be a firewall blocking things.

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