How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Host

Wordpress LogoIt can be perplexing to move a WordPress website to a new host. There are quite a few steps, and if everything isn’t done correctly you could lose data or suffer downtime. There are a couple of ways you can go about migrating your site to a new host. If you’re a pro and are familiar with MySQL, I recommend you use the first method. If you’re a bit on the novice side, use Method 2. This tutorial does assume that you know your way around FTPing into your server and doing a few things in cPanel though.

Let’s get to it.

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Yet Another Social Icons Plugin

I have been searching for the perfect plugin for WordPress that allows me to easily add social icons to via a widget. There are some good plugins out there, and a lot of bad ones. None of them had everything I needed though. The Simple Social Icons plugin came close. But it doesn’t include a … Read more