Exclude Adsense From Specific WordPress Posts

For one reason or another, you may decided that you don’t want Google Adsense ads appearing within certain posts on your WordPress blog. It’s a difficult task since you most likely added the Adsense ad code within the template file. Using PHP and with just a slight change to your code, you can exclude Adsense […]

Is it Legal to Use Another Company’s Logo In Your Post or Publication?

My websites have never been too decorated with graphics. I mainly focus on writing good content. But as I look around the web, I see many other websites using logos from other companies on many of their pages. For example, sites like TechCrunch or Mashable may have a picture of an Apple or Android logo […]

How 1 Guy Took a Site to Over a Million Hits Per Month

I found this to be the best part of Gnomedex 10 this year. Matt Inman tells you the creative things he did to earn millions of hits and pageviews per month on his dating site and TheOatmal humor site. Any website owner can apply these skills, so it’s worth a watch.

SEO Isn’t Only About the Keywords You Use

People spend a lot of time trying to figure out different combinations of keywords to use in their posts. There’s so much focus on using certain keywords that sometimes writers don’t pay attention to the keywords that shouldn’t be included in their posts. I recently wrote a post about how to make it through a […]