WordPress: How to Change Author

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Having trouble finding where the change the author for a post in WordPress? I will show you how. Select the “Post” section on the right pane. Expand the “Status & visibility” section. Select the “Author” drop-down menu to select another writer. If you don’t see the “Author” box, you will need to go to “Users” … Read more

WordPress: Auto Update Copyright Year

I use this snippet in the footer of my WordPress sites. The year automatically updates. So you never have to worry about changing it every year. // Displays “© 2019” © <?= date(‘Y’) ?> // Displays “© 2013-2019 MyCompanyName” <?php call_user_func(function($y){$c=date(‘Y’);echo $y.(($y!=$c)?’-‘.$c:”);}, 2013); ?> MyCompanyName.

WordPress: Sidebar Shows at Bottom of the Page

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I am a heavy user of WordPress. On several occasions I have had a problem where the right-sidebar has fallen to the bottom of the page. I have wasted hours trying to figure out why this happens and on each occasion I have encountered it, I have found different problems. I have gained a bigger understanding of what causes this problem. Here are some steps you can check.

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Delete WordPress Spam Comments from Database Using phpMyAdmin

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Spam gathers in my WordPress comments by the thousands every day. It can get quite overwhelming to manage. Especially when attempting to delete the tens of thousands of comments Akismet marked as “Spam” at once. If you attempt to delete too many comments at once from the WordPress Dashboard, it will likely error out or even worse, crash your site.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to delete Spam comments. You can do this easily using a database SQL command. Most hosts use phpMyAdmin to manage databases, so I will use that as an example on how to do this.

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