Google Analytics Throws “Missing Permissions” Error

I sat here at my desk for about an hour trying to figure out why I kept getting an error whenever I tried to open my Google Analytics page. The error said: Missing permissions You do not have access to the account, property, or view. Contact an Analytics administrator who has the Manage Users permission.

Delete WordPress Spam Comments from Database Using phpMyAdmin

Spam gathers in my WordPress comments by the thousands every day. It can get quite overwhelming to manage. Especially when attempting to delete the tens of thousands of comments Akismet marked as “Spam” at once. If you attempt to delete too many comments at once from the WordPress Dashboard, it will likely error out or […]

Solve WordPress WP Super Cache Error “Page not cached by WP Super Cache. Could not get mutex lock.”

I recently attempted to get a new site up and running with WordPress and the WP Super Cache plugin on Dreamhost. After configuring everything and being confident things were working just great, I started receiving errors at the bottom of the page that said “Page not cached by WP Super Cache. Could not get mutex lock.” […]

Exclude Adsense From Specific WordPress Posts

For one reason or another, you may decided that you don’t want Google Adsense ads appearing within certain posts on your WordPress blog. It’s a difficult task since you most likely added the Adsense ad code within the template file. Using PHP and with just a slight change to your code, you can exclude Adsense […]