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I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and currently reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have held several technical positions ranging from Technical Support to Network Security Administrator.

My favorite topics include smartphones, SEO, dogs, and self-improvement. Please visit my blog again or follow me on Twitter.


  • My parents buy me a ColecoVision, which started me into the great world of technology and video games.
  • A neighbor gives me an old TRS80 for Christmas. I learn how to operate it as well as the BASIC programming language.
  • Attended Amundsen High School in Chicago, IL.
  • Purchased an IBM PS/1 Computer from Circuit City. It cost $5,000 for the computer, printer and monitor. It ran Windows 3.1,had a 486/DX processor, a 160MB Hard Drive, 2400 baud modem, and 4MB of RAM.
  • I deleted the C:\Windows folder, not knowing how important it was. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with IBM Technical Support following their instructions. This lit the fire of curiosity, and I began to learn DOS commands.
  • An English teacher shows me CPSnet, a BBS system run by Chicago Public Schools. The system allows me to one of the first thousands of people on the Internet.
  • I become fascinated with the web and start building web sites.
  • Worked in computer retail at Elek-Tek, then later Micro Center as a Computer Service Technician.
  • Attended Wilbur Wright College, then later Harper College where I took various Computer Science courses.
  • Scored a job working at USRobotics as a Universal Technical Support Representative. I learn troubleshooting skills.
  • Worked in Downtown Chicago as a System Administrator for SPSS in Sears Tower.
  • Moved to Sioux Falls and worked as a QA Analyst for startup DocuTap.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have an Android.
    Under GALLERY there is a PICASSA folder/album( along with all my other self initiated folders/albums)..which I have no remembrance of ever initiating. It hold EVERY picture I ever took. It does not give me a TRASH icon I can use to DELETE.
    Any Suggestions?

  2. I have a question about my samsung galaxy s9+ I have recently factory reset the phone and after the process i went to get back on my phone and it was making me sign back in with the owners google account. I put in all of my google accounts and it still doesn’t work. How would i get back in?

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say that I found an article you wrote about moving applications back onto my screen. It was a really easy fix, but I wanted to say thank you for providing stuff like that. You’re a good person.

  4. Thanks to you I was able to send a picture of something suspicious (I won’t detail) to my doctor . THANK YOU.

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