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I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and currently reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have held several technical positions ranging from Technical Support to Network Security Administrator.

My favorite topics include smartphones, SEO, dogs, and self-improvement. Please visit my blog again or follow me on Twitter.


  • My parents buy me a ColecoVision, which started me into the great world of technology and video games.
  • A neighbor gives me an old TRS80 for Christmas. I learn how to operate it as well as the BASIC programming language.
  • Attended Amundsen High School in Chicago, IL.
  • Purchased an IBM PS/1 Computer from Circuit City. It cost $5,000 for the computer, printer and monitor. It ran Windows 3.1,had a 486/DX processor, a 160MB Hard Drive, 2400 baud modem, and 4MB of RAM.
  • I deleted the C:\Windows folder, not knowing how important it was. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with IBM Technical Support following their instructions. This lit the fire of curiosity, and I began to learn DOS commands.
  • An English teacher shows me CPSnet, a BBS system run by Chicago Public Schools. The system allows me to one of the first thousands of people on the Internet.
  • I become fascinated with the web and start building web sites.
  • Worked in computer retail at Elek-Tek, then later Micro Center as a Computer Service Technician.
  • Attended Wilbur Wright College, then later Harper College where I took various Computer Science courses.
  • Scored a job working at USRobotics as a Universal Technical Support Representative. I learn troubleshooting skills.
  • Worked in Downtown Chicago as a System Administrator for SPSS in Sears Tower.
  • Moved to Sioux Falls and worked as a QA Analyst for startup DocuTap.

13 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I have an Android.
    Under GALLERY there is a PICASSA folder/album( along with all my other self initiated folders/albums)..which I have no remembrance of ever initiating. It hold EVERY picture I ever took. It does not give me a TRASH icon I can use to DELETE.
    Any Suggestions?

  2. I have a question about my samsung galaxy s9+ I have recently factory reset the phone and after the process i went to get back on my phone and it was making me sign back in with the owners google account. I put in all of my google accounts and it still doesn’t work. How would i get back in?

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say that I found an article you wrote about moving applications back onto my screen. It was a really easy fix, but I wanted to say thank you for providing stuff like that. You’re a good person.

  4. Just want to say a heartfelt “Thank you” for so generously sharing your knowledge and time. Keep it up. There is a silent army out here nodding their heads as you provide an answer to one of their problems. You are helping to provide part of what the Internet founders dreamed about creating for the good of all.

  5. Hi Mitch

    I tried your blog on IPAD not recognised by windows. i downloaded the drivers, however even after doing these steps, my IPAD remains in unrecognised section

    Please suggest how to solve

  6. Mitch, I am having an issue with having 3 separate gmail accounts that are for different things, one is personal, one is for communication with a group I belong to, the third is for my wellness business. The issue I’m having is that when I’m logged into my personal Googlemail email and try to access the google docs in my group account it defaults to personal and I can’t get to the files. The only way it works so far is for me to log out of one account to log into the other. this is inefficient and unworkable for me… HELP!!!

  7. Thank you Mitch for the fix for – Windows: Bring Off-Screen Window Back Onto Screen. You are a life saver, got my Opera browser back to the desktop again. Blessings to you!!

  8. I am a newbie to IT and really just want to give you a huge thanks for helping me with some tricky issues. Really and genuinely THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


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