20 Essential Programs For Servicing a Windows PC

Ever been working on a PC and find that you don’t have all of the tools you need? If the computer is filled with spyware and your Internet connection is so slow, it may take forever to download what you need. To be better prepared, I have complied a list of the things that I have needed at one time or another. I put these tools on my flash drive and hold it close to my heart at all times.

Spyware/Adware Removers

  • Adaware – Probably the most thorough adware remover.
  • MalwareBytes – Quickly scans the PC and gets rid of malware and spyware.
  • – Does what Adaware and MalwareBytes does, but also has a nice tool that repairs TCP/IP when needed.


  • WinZip – It surprises me how many people don’t have an archiver installed. Take one with you in case you need it.
  • – WinZip doesn’t open everything. WinRAR does.


  • IE9 – Upgrade if the user has an old copy, or run a repair install if their installation is jacked.
  • Firefox – At times, IE won’t work, so make sure you have a backup browser. A portable version of Firefox is also available.


  • AVG – The most popular free antivirus application.
  • Avast! – I’ve found that AVG is sometimes compromised on some systems, it’s become very common. Avast! is a great backup plan.


  • GParted – Tool to partition drives. Comparable to Partition Magic, only it’s free and open source.
  • CCleaner – Cleans crap off the PC.
  • Infrarecorder – Just in case you need to burn a CD and they don’t have burning software. Open source and free.
  • Autoruns – Tool that is like MSCONFIG, only with a lot more features. Shows you absolutely everything that autoruns at startup.
  • Wntipcfg – Graphical version of IPConfig. Much easier than using DOS commands.
  • Regcrawler – Search the registry faster than in the regular REGEDIT application.
  • KillProcess – Spyware can overtake the Windows Task Manager. KillProcess will enable you to kill processes that can’t normally be killed with Windows Task Manager.

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