14 Things To Make Your Woman Happier

I think I’ve learned a lot about women in my 33 years on this Earth. I’ve been through almost every scenario. As a teen, I was very confused with girls. Not many of them cared to give me any attention whatsoever. As I grew into an adult, things changed and I became a serial dater. I’ve been part of a broken engagement, been on dating binges, moved to a different state and finally found a partner I can live with the rest of my life.

I think I now know what it takes to make a relationship flourish. The only way I got to this point was maturing and learning with age. I wish I would’ve known many things about women back when I started dating at the age of 15. It would’ve saved me many cold and lonely nights.

Here are a few of the things I’ve learned about women that have worked for me:

  • Notice and thank her for chores– This may seem like it shouldn’t matter much. A man doesn’t need to be thanked for mowing the lawn. Women, however need to be told “nice job!”. It means so much to them when you notice.
  • Listen Listen Listen – A woman loves it when they can talk. This was my secret on dates. Women would always call for a second date if I just let them do all the talking.
  • Send flowers to their workplace – A woman loves to be given flowers in person. But when you send them to their workplace, they can bask in the attention they get from co-workers. Not only do you win points with her, but with every person there she talks to every day.
  • Go to sleep with them – No more rounds of Halo or surfing the web until 4am. Try to find a time you can go to bed together. A woman likes to have somebody next to them that they can chat with a bit before falling asleep.
  • Don’t go to bed angry – Don’t choose 30 minutes before bedtime to bring up your issues. Save it for tomorrow or better yet, let it go.
  • Stop sharing web sites with her – She doesn’t care about that YouTube video where the guy gets it in the nuts. She also doesn’t care for whatever video game review you send her. (Exception – if dogs, cats or unicorns are involved, share away.)
  • Let the small things go – Life is too short to be petty. If she loves you and completes you, who cares if she spent $10 more than she should’ve at the grocery store. Small things matter very little in the long run.
  • Don’t bring work issues home – Angry at the boss? Why should your woman pay? Leave that baggage at your office door. Separating your work life from home life is very important.
  • They always look good in what they are wearing – No matter what, never say anything negative about what your woman chooses to wear. Even if she asks for an honest opinion, no matter what, always say “You look beautiful!”.
  • Be a man – A woman likes sensitivity, but you have to be a man too. When a woman cheats, they always choose a guy who has some testosterone. It’s because that’s what they want. Fix a car. Take out the trash. Grow a beard. Be a man!
  • Let her have space – We all need time to ourselves. When you’re sensing she doesn’t want to talk, leave her alone. Find another place to be for a while and let her come to you when she’s ready.
  • Let her have the remote control – You can tolerate watching ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ for an hour if it makes her happy.
  • Be old fashioned – Get the door for her. Pull out her chair. Don’t do it all the time. That will get annoying. But surprise her by doing these things every now and then.
  • Let her do whatever she wants to the house – If she wants to paint the living room hot pink, let her. Decorate the kitchen in glitter? Sure! She’ll get more joy out of it than you would. Why should you care? You have a lawn to mow anyway. This tip will save MANY arguments.

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  1. PUT THE PHONE DOWN, AWAY, OUT OF SIGHT AND HEARING WHILE WITH HER. There is enough issues to deal with concerning smartphones, hidden this, get away with that, dating/image/video/sharing/hook-up…you get the idea. We will not compete for your time and/or attention with an electronic device.


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