The Damage of Cancerous People

It was a heavy and exciting time for me. I had just fielded a huge position on a software engineering team. The company was growing and we kept adding on talent. I met new people every day and built up my network of great friends. A new employee sat down in the cubicle next to me. We’ll call him Lou. Although I didn’t care for the smell of Lou’s foods he brought into the office, we hit it off after a few discussions about music and development techniques.

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Contact Form Messages DMARC Error

I had an interesting problem this week where a client of mine said she was not receiving email messages via her website contact form. I quickly brought up the site and submitted a form successfully. The email went through OK. So I was all like “What the heck are you talkin’ about lady?!?!” and said things worked fine.

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Google Analytics Throws “Missing Permissions” Error

I sat here at my desk for about an hour trying to figure out why I kept getting an error whenever I tried to open my Google Analytics page. The error said:

Missing permissions

You do not have access to the account, property, or view. Contact an Analytics administrator who has the Manage Users permission.

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20 Essential Programs For Servicing a Windows PC

Ever been working on a PC and find that you don’t have all of the tools you need? If the computer is filled with spyware and your Internet connection is so slow, it may take forever to download what you need. To be better prepared, I have complied a list of the things that I have needed at one time or another. I put these tools on my flash drive and hold it close to my heart at all times.

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WordPress: Sidebar Shows at Bottom of the Page

I am a heavy user of WordPress. On several occasions I have had a problem where the right-sidebar has fallen to the bottom of the page. I have wasted hours trying to figure out why this happens and on each occasion I have encountered it, I have found different problems. I have gained a bigger understanding of what causes this problem. Here are some steps you can check.

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