WordPress: How to Change Author

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Having trouble finding where the change the author for a post in WordPress? I will show you how. Select the “Post” section on the right pane. Expand the “Status & visibility” section. Select the “Author” drop-down menu to select another writer. If you don’t see the “Author” box, you will need to go to “Users” … Read more

WordPress: Auto Update Copyright Year

I use this snippet in the footer of my WordPress sites. The year automatically updates. So you never have to worry about changing it every year. // Displays “© 2019” © <?= date(‘Y’) ?> // Displays “© 2013-2019 MyCompanyName” <?php call_user_func(function($y){$c=date(‘Y’);echo $y.(($y!=$c)?’-‘.$c:”);}, 2013); ?> MyCompanyName.

How to Report Phishing Scams to Google


This week I was contacted by a Nigerian scammer who was posing as a job recruiter. The phisher went by the name “Joseph Chavez” and used a the hiringallegisgroupofcompany@gmail.com Google account with Hangouts and Gmail to attempt to scam me.

The scam worked like this. The scammer puts me through a fake job interview, then makes me an offer. They then try to get me to send money to him for supplies that I would need to perform my job.

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